Negative Population Growth


Population growth affects every aspect of life. Water and energy shortages, pollution, traffic, school crowding and loss of green space, all are made worse with a larger population! NPG works to slowly shrink US population to a smaller, sustainable size.

Success Story

Since 2010, NPG has provided educational materials to teachers of middle and high school students. Our resources are designed to bring the population issue into the classroom – and allow students to see how population size and growth will affect their future. To date, NPG has provided more than 4,600 packets of materials to teachers, reaching more than 381,000 students with NPG’s message. We know teachers are grateful for the resources we provide and that the information is conveyed to an open audience. Here is what some teachers have told us recently:

“This looks to be a great addition to my population unit in both my advanced world geography and my AP Human Geography courses.  Thank you for providing these resources!”
Matthew Holder, Weatherford ISD Ninth Grade Center, Weatherford, TX

"I am a World Geography teacher and one of the topics we cover is population and everything related to it It will be very helpful as we project into the future population trends and related issues.”
Mr. Steve Butler, Central DeWitt HS, DeWitt, IA

“Thanks for these resources- this is an important topic ignored too long by too many. I think my students will enjoy, or at least find interesting, becoming aware of the implication of growing population.”
P. M., HS Teacher, Silver Spring, MD

“Thanks a million for your great service! I have worked with your material before and it proved to be especially useful in the ESL classroom.
S. E., ESL Teacher, Muenchen Bavaria, Germany

NPG was founded in 1972 to educate all Americans regarding the need for policies designed to slow, halt, and eventually reverse population growth. Reaching young minds is critical to our efforts!

Act Now


Nearly every child born on American soil is granted Birthright Citizenship, regardless of the legal status of the parents. People are using automatic citizenship for babies born physically on American soil as a giant loophole to justify staying in the US, or bringing in even more relatives! NPG is working to bring much-needed attention to this.

Visit our website and sign NPG's Birthright Petition!