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As our environment continues to face many challenges from climate change, invasive species, and loss of habitat, Wildlife Forever remains steadfast in providing critical programs that help save fish and wildlife.

Success Story

On December 10, 1987 Wildlife Forever was founded from a single donation with the note that said, "Do something good for wildlife". For over 30 years, we've worked to complete over 2,000 conservation and educational projects. As a leading multi-species nonprofit, we work with federal, state and local organizations to conserve America's outdoor heritage. 

Wildlife Forever's conservation work falls into four categories: Habitat, fish and wildlife management, research and conservation education. Signature programs include the Clean Drain Dry Initiative, a national public service campaign to educate people who love the outdoors about the threats of invasive species.

Did you know, Invasive species are a leading cause for engangerd species listing and are a top threat to fish and wildlife habitat. Prevention education is the best way to stop the spread.

The State-Fish Art Contest is an award winning art contest that helps youth learn about fish, water, invasive species and the need for conservation of aquatic habitats.  

Wildlife Forever works to restore prairie and wetland habitat. Recent studies show America has lost 1/4 of our bird population over the last 30 years. Pollinator species like the Monarch Butterfly and bees are dangerously threatened due to habitat loss and invasive species. 

Through conservation education and habitat restoration, we're dedicated to making a difference. Public stewardship is critical for healthy natural resources and the survival of America fish, wildlife and outdoor heritage. 

One gift can make a difference. Thank you for your support for Wildlife...forever.

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America's fish and wildlife are in serious decline. Habitat loss and invasive species are a leading cause for declining numbers. Songbirds alone are down 70% in recent years. You can make a difference by supporting Wildlife Forever education and habitat restoration programs. Please give and join Wildlife Forever today.

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