Get To Know Us

Why Conserve Now?

Our vision is leaving a healthy and protected Earth for future generations to celebrate and enjoy.

Public Accountability

Conserve Now partners with national nonprofits that can meet or exceed a standard of excellence for public accountability. Each charity that partners with us submits its program and financial documents for annual review and certification.

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More than $38 million raised for conservation causes

A Proven Performer

Since 1995, Conserve Now has helped national conservation nonprofits expand their reach and engage with individuals like you. The donations help ensure a vibrant and healthy Earth. Formerly known as Conservation & Preservation Charities of America, donations have been used to address climate change, ensure sustainable land usage, educate future generations of environmental stewards, and protect America’s cultural and natural heritage.

We use contributions wisely, in accordance with our mission of conservation and in ways that honor donors’ wishes.

Serving Large and Small Nonprofits

Although all our nonprofit partners must have programs or services in at least 15 states or internationally, many of our partners are not household names. We are proud to work with nonprofits of any size and aim to provide a place where individuals can learn about the good work of lesser known organizations.

Our Financials

Conserve Now is committed to meeting the highest standards of public accountability and fiscal responsibility.

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Our Leadership

We are governed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors who generously give their time and talent.

Davinder Khanna


After 21 years of distinguished career with premier national parks conservation organizations, Davinder founded the Accounting Heritage Group in 2010 exclusively to serve the needs of small businesses, nonprofits, and individuals who are trying to achieve their goals. Davinder also founded the America’s Parks Online, which promotes and educates the public about America’s parks. He has graciously been in the leadership role of Conserve Now since 2005.

Kelly Elmore

Vice President

Having previously served as Marketing Manager for the American Historical Association, Kelly has now transitioned to be the Associate Director of Marketing at the Mortgage Bankers Association representing the real estate finance industry. Kelly has been an active and vital member of the Conserve Now board since 2007.

Olesja Hoppe

Secretary/ Treasurer

Olesja's progressive and successful record in fundraising speaks to her strengths in leveraging, building and nurturing lasting relationships and strategic partnerships. As the Regional Director of Philanthropy at Yellowstone Park Forever, she creates opportunities for all people to experience, enhance, and preserve Yellowstone. Her approach to interpersonal relations is to recognize and maximize people’s strengths, be an active listener and maintain a sense of humor. Olesja has volunteered as a member of the Conserve Now Board since 2013.

Paola Neyra


Paola is a successful Resource Planning professional at Inter-American Development Bank, providing financial and technical support for countries working to reduce poverty, inequality and to achieve development in a sustainable and climate-friendly way. Paola holds a master’s degree in Human Resources Development from George Washington University. Paola considers herself an outdoor enthusiast, who enjoys getting involved in nature preservation and Pachamama (Mother Earth) protection. Conserve Now welcomed Paola as a board member in 2022.