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Filipino American Rural Mission

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8109 Arroyo Vista Dr
Sacramento,  CA 95823
Phone: 916-509-9149

Provide programs, services and opportunities to Indigenous People, Farmers and Fishermen. Plant more trees. Develop communities. Educate public to conserve natural resources through environmental stewardship.

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Real Life Story

The Filipino American Rural Mission (FARM) is dedicated to serving the basic agricultural needs of poor farmers and indigenous people of the Philippines. The country was once the center of rice production, but today it cannot even afford to produce enough to feed it own people. They depend on countries once trained to grow rice in UP Los Banos here in the Philippines.

Farmers are among the poorest and are dependent on landlords to finance their needs. After harvest, farmers are still in debt because of high interest by creditors. Some factors that farmers face is lack of seeds, irrigation water, basic equipment and other technology to produce.

FARM is committed to help farmers attain financial freedom to provide food for their families, education for their children and other basic needs such as health and care. These can prevent more children on the streets and women moving to other countries to work as domestic helpers and worse ending in prostitution.

It is this organization's goal to provide loans to farmers, help provide basic farming needs and technology through seminars, provide scholarships to deserving students enrolled in agricultural education program . FARM is also open to all other partnerships with other non profit groups and individuals pursuing similar goals.

Please let us help bring decency to the poor farmers in the Philippines and provide them with better alternatives and opportunities. As always thank you for your donations and contributions.

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